• Deposited from prehistoric waters hundreds of millions of years ago from unpolluted seas.

  • Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is one of the oldest and most pristine salts in the world.

  • An array of minerals including iron and potassium gives Himalayan salt its distinct pink hue.

  • Used in top restaurants around the world for its superior flavour to regular sea salt.

  • Mined from the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. 

  • Versatile, good all round salt able to enhance the quality of almost every use imaginable.

  • Balances pH levels and helps to reduce acid reflux/heartburn.


Himalayan pink salt, as it's found in the mine, is not simply one colour. It varies from completely clear to deep red, in a marble like effect. The colour changes come largely from the Iron content. This starts to become apparent with coarse grains, and obvious with our Sole rocks. This marbling is most notable with our salt slabs and bricks. Thanks to this variability, we can bring you a selection of different colours with our salt range.


  • <0.6mm grain size

  • Quick dissolving

  • Multi-purpose

  • Culinary grade

  • 2-5mm grain size

  • Light Pink colour

  • Great dissolvability

  • Culinary grade

 light pink 

 deep pink 

  • 2-5mm grain size

  • Deep Pink colour

  • Mineral rich

  • Culinary grade

 sole rocks 

  • 2cm-8cm rock size

  • Varied in colour 

  • Natural shapes

  • Culinary grade


Finely ground for your convenience, this exquisite gourmet salt is mined by hand from ancient deposits. The remnants of long dead seas, which dried up over 250 million years ago; seas free from pollution, the purity of which has been preserved in this unique tasty salt.

light pink

Lightly pink and pearly in appearance. This is a purer rock salt, with a healthy amount of trace minerals. The perfect culinary salt, mild, balanced which gives rise to complex flavours. Put this salt in your bath for a revitalising soak. 

deep pink

A much darker mix of grains, ranging from dark pink to deep red. This has the highest mineral content of all our salts and is a favourite of many. This rich salt is also ideal for creating an invigorating mineral bath.

sole rocks

Sole is water with the maximum amount of natural salt dissolved in it. Once Sole has been made, it can be stored indefinitely, and diluted for many uses, such as an antiseptic, or a drink for health and vitality (thanks to the high mineral content of Himalayan Pink Salt).


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